About Us

Lingmo International are the leading Global AI Language Translation Provider who empower people to communicate and break down the international language barrier.

We develop intuitive custom built AI translation technology that will benefit the global translation sector

Our Aim

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of global translation and offer accurate and fast translation solutions for consumers and businesses

Understand the World

Lingmo offer consumers and organisations smart translation solutions across voice and text platforms

Created by the company’s founder in response to an experiential need for a reliable translation application
Headquarters in Sydney, with over 10 staff across 3 continents
Advanced customised translation technology with software, hard wear and firmware services
Developed and implemented intuitive machine learning software and use IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence
Disrupt current translation solutions by concentrating on speech recognition, nuances and dialect
Technology compatible across both iOS and Android platforms and business interfaces
Efficient translation solutions for one or more users in real time
Secure and compliance focused

Our offices

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