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Translate One2One

1How does the Translate One2One work?
Translate One2One are earpieces that allows users to communicate between two languages. To use the Translation One2One translation service, insert a SIM card into the primary earpiece, select Lingmo Earpiece App to open the translation program. Select Voice to Voice, select the Translation from and to language, place the earpiece on your ear, talk and the translated language can be heard via the earpiece. To use the 2nd earpiece and communicate with another person, connect this earpiece to Bluetooth via the One2One app and select the language the 2nd person speaks. Communication can then be performed between the two earpieces. You need to connect them via Bluetooth in the settings first, then open each app on the device.

2When do I know when to start speaking?
After you have pressed the flag you will hear a beep which is the prompt to start speaking. You will have approx. 2 seconds after the beep to start speaking. If you take longer than 2 seconds to start your conversation simply repeat the process within the given timeframe.

3How does the secondary user operate the earpiece?
The secondary user will hear the conversation through their earpiece and can reply by touching their screen and speaking. The secondary person will need to be standing within a metre of the primary user.

4How will I know which earpiece to use in what region?
Translate One2One allows users to be able to use the earpieces around the world. The earpiece marked with 1900 sticker is the primary earpiece to use with a SIM if you are in the Western Hemisphere. The earpiece without the sticker is for primary use in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The secondary earpiece will be connected to the primary earpiece via Bluetooth and therefore doesn’t require a SIM card.

5Does a SIM Card come with my Travel Pack?
No. You will need a purchase aMirco SIM Card compatible to the country you are in. The Mirco SIM dimension is 12mm x 15mm.

6Why does Translate One2One operate with a SIM Card?
Translate One2One was designed so the user did not have to rely on WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity to operate because when travelling WiFi and Bluetooth Signals can be weak. By operating from a SIM Card, Translate One2One will have a faster translation time which in turn initiates a lifelike conversation speed.

7Will it translate my dialect?
Yes. Translate One2One is powered by IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence. The more Translate One2One is used the smarter the technology becomes at understanding your dialect and nuances.

8How accurate is the translation?
The translation accuracy is 85%. Translate One2One is powered by IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence. The more Translate One2One is used the smarter the technology becomes at understanding your dialect and nuances.

9How fast will Translate One2One translate a conversation?
The average translation time 5 seconds. Translation time will depend on the connectivity and is speed of the internet provider. For the best results, we suggest using a SIM Card.

10What features does the Translate One2One have?
Translate One2One can translate 9 languages identifying both phrases and statements simultaneously It is run from the Android Operating System and therefore Translate One2One can make phone calls, send/receive text message, send/receive emails, browser the internet and much more!

11Does Translate One2One require a phone app to work?
No. The Translate One2One earpieces is independent from a smart phone or app and work off a mobile SIM card instead.

12Can Translate One2One be used off line?
No. Translate One2One needs to the Lingmo Earpiece App built within the Translate One2One software to work.

13What do you do if you get a Push Update notification?
From time to time: Lingmo International will send software updates as and when they become available. These updates have been tested in house and therefore can be updated by following the prompts.

14What is the return policy?
If you believe your device is faulty please email Returns will only be accepted if the entire Translate One2One Travel Pack is received in protective packaging to Lingmo International Pty Ltd, PO Box 6021 West Gosford NSW 2250 Australia. All postage, taxes and import taxes to be covered by the user.

15How long is the warranty?
Translate One2One has a 12 month manufacture warranty

Translate 4 Me

1How do I return to the main menu?
Press the "Less than" button in the top left hand corner of the screen, or press ‘Done’ to return from the ‘Translation Between’ option

2I can’t hear the translation voice?
Ensure you have your phone or tablet microphone turned on when using Translate 4 Me

3Do I need Internet connectivity to use Translate 4 Me?
Yes. You will need internet, Wifi or a Bluetooth connectivity to work the app Translate 4 Me

4What do I do if the translation speed is slow?
The speed improves when the connectivity signal is stronger

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